International Project Services

Savills Malaysia's International Project Marketing team provides a broad range of services for the marketing and sales of international residential projects.

These include market-positioning advice, development and project marketing consultancy services, overseas marketing, and after-sales service to purchasers.

Leveraging on wider residential sales force and our client resources, we ensure maximum market coverage leading into international project sales. With our strong domestic and international track record in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and South East Asia, we provide unparalleled access to high-net-worth individuals and investors in the region.

The Malaysian International Project Marketing team has been active in the overseas residential project marketing business since 2007 and has successfully launched more than 6,500 units in 19 different projects. Since 2009, our overseas track record has covered a number of important countries including the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Australia.


Key contacts

Datuk Paul Khong

Datuk Paul Khong

Managing Director
Central Management

Kuala Lumpur

+603 2092 5955