Valuation & Advisory Services

Accurate and reliable valuations are critical to the success of every real estate investment. 

As rapidly increasing globalization and connectivity continue to reshape the market-place, our clients rely on our ability to deliver high-quality, consistent market leading valuations around the globe.

Our approach, thinking, and success lies in three core principles:

  • Comprehensive and accurate Data Source anywhere in the world
  • Proven Processes
  • Seamless Global Service delivered though a single Point of Contact

It is our commitment to these principles that distinguishes Savills Malaysia's valuations for our clients, ensures their business needs are met, and real estate goals are achieved. The combination of our experience and market-making coverage gives us unrivalled knowledge and the insight to look beyond the immediate past, exercising our judgment to make the best informed decisions.


Our advice focuses on several areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Corporate Valuation and Portfolio Valuation
  • Mortgage Valuation
  • Capital Market Services, including Merger & Acquisitions (M&A), and listing of companies on the stock market / Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Property Valuation
  • Non-performing Loan (NPL) Property Valuation
  • Plant & Machinery Valuation
  • Market Studies, Financial Analysis and Development Appraisals


We are also actively involved in the following areas:

  • Legal work as expert witnesses.
  • Representation for clients claiming government compensation resulting from compulsory acquisition.
  • Appeals on behalf of clients on property tax issues such as negotiations for favorable taxation (Assessment Rate & Real Property Gain Tax) and presentation of cases.

Key contacts

Lee Wen Tat

Lee Wen Tat

Senior Vice President

Savills Penang

+604 638 6985